Capital farmers happy with Singur judgment

By | September 6, 2016

Capital farmers happy with Singur judgement

The Supreme Court judgement on Singur lands in West Bangal brought cheer to the farmers of the capital region.

Capital farmers happy with Singur lands judgment

Farmers from Undavalli and Penumaka villages celebrated the Supreme Court judgement by distributing sweets and vegetables to passersby at Undavalli centre. They have performed puja to the photos of Nyaya Devatha.

The farmers who opposed land pooling and land acquisition as well for the capital construction now believe that the forcible acquisition Will be struck down by the courts.

Andhra Pradesh government started the land acquisition proceeding in the capital region Villages to acquire those lands which are not given under land pooling Scheme.

Now with the apex court’s latest judgement, farmers who differ with the government are preparing to approach the court challenging the land acquisition.

Mr Naresh Reddy, a farmer from Penumaka Village, told Deccan Chronicle that the Singur judgement built confidence in them. “Now we are ready to take this battle to the courts,” he said.

“The government cannot take fertile lands which gives three crops a year in the name of development and larger public interest. We are mot opposing the capital construction but only asking to exempt us from the acquisition as We are no where near the seed capital,” he added.

Note: WEARE not opposing the capital Construction but Only asking to exempt us from the acquisition as We are no where near the Seed Capital, said farmer Naresh Reddy from Penumaka.

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