People unhappy with TD: Survey

By | August 29, 2016

People unhappy with TD: Survey

The outcome of the state governments recent survey With specific questionnaire has astonishing revelations about the functioning of the government. The survey, Which Was conducted in 175 Assembly segments, has received positive response only from the age group below 30. The disappointing outcome has prompted the Telugu Desam chief to Order the Intelligence for a re-survey, according to sources.

People unhappy with TD Survey

The survey contains Only eight straight questions, among which one question has attracted Very much attention. “Whether your MLA or his associates are eating away money,” is the question for which there was a huge response from the targeted audience. A total of 200 samples per constituency across the 175 Assembly segments were taken as part of the Sur. Vey, which was conducted just before Krishna Pushkaralu from August 1 to 10.

Whether your MLA is available to everybody, what are his/her winning chances in case he is given the ticket again, is anybody enjoying mass support in your constituency other than your sitting MLA, whether your MLA is in favour of protecting the interests of the party cadre, for whom you have voted in the last elections and the last question is that in case the polls are scheduled immediately, as to who you are going to Vote.

These eight questions Were given to the audience. The questionnaire was circulated to the party in-charges, wherev. er opposition MLAs Won.

It is learnt that the TD got positive response in Only 30 Assembly seg ments and in the remaining segments, the party had experienced negative feedback. The intelligence department has also meticulously identified the targeted audience by taking a cross-section of the Society as samples and the real outcome has been conveyed to the Chief Minister.

Shocked With the negative outcome, the Chief Minister has directed the intelligence department to conduct a resurvey in Selected and identified Assembly constituencies, The Chief Minister also reportedly arrived at an opinion to entrust the responsibility of conducting the resurvey with prominent psephologists for a second opinion,

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