Rain disrupts traffic between Hyderabad and Guntur Transportation

By | August 30, 2016

Rain disrupts traffic

The transportation between Hyderabad and Guntur was disrupted as Water from a pond began overflowing at Anupalem in Rajupalem mandal due to heavy rain on Monday.

Rain disrupts traffic

Soon, the police entered the scene and began diverting the traffic as a precautionary measure.

Palnadu areas including Macharla, Piduguralla, Karampudi, Raju palem and other areas experienced good rainfall from Sunday night to Monday morning.

The farmers who were worried over lack of Water for cultivation this Kharif are happy With the rain and are readying to start ploughing and sowing Works.

A highest rainfall of 101.25 mm Was registered in Rajupalem mandal, folllowed by Cherukupalli With 84 mm, Yedlapadu with 83 mm, Rompicharla 78 mm, Bollapalle 65,25 mm, Sattenpalli 59 mm and the rest of Palnadu areas received a moderate rainfall of 30 mm to 51 mm.

Life was thrown Out of gear in a majority of the villages in Palanadu area to the incessant rainfall.

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